The Sun. The Moon. is a multi-instrumentalist duo that is breeding their own genre of music, Healer-Rock.
This duo consists of Muscle Shoals Natives Lane Butler, and Lukas Grigsby. Together they test the boundaries of how they can create a full band sound through the use of loop pedals. The two stack and layer multiple instruments to achieve a full bodied sound and an electrifying live performance. Their energy and ability to visually manifest positivity is a must see! Their focus to spread love, unity and understanding is one of the most essential pieces of this bands purpose. They “set the stage” musically with riffs and atmospheric tones that are meant to alleviate stress and relax the body and mind of any tensions or anxieties. This allows the opportunity for people to let go of the self and experience the message subjectively. When one allows this personal barrier to be broken, they continue to open your mind and conciseness lyrically. The majority of songs these two create lyrically begin with scenarios and situations you would be able to relate to, usually ones people may struggle with. They understand people may not know how to release their emotions in a healthy way. They then offer a simple uplifting point of view on real life struggles and situations with intent on helping you achieve balance and inner peace in your life. Altogether giving you an out of body experience to help you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.
So far these two have released a single "We March On", an EP "Radiant" along with the most recent single, “The Cloud People”.
They plan to release three more singles during the last few months of 2017 and a full length album to come in the begging of 2018.



  • May 13 Sat

    08:00 PM

    The Industry Bar

    Mobile, AL

  • May 15 Mon

    08:00 PM

    The Junction at Monroe

    Tallahassee, FL

  • May 16 Tue

    08:00 PM

    The Brass Mug

    Tampa, FL

  • May 17 Wed

    08:00 PM

    The Warehouse at CornerStone

    Orlando, FL

  • May 20 Sat

    08:00 PM

    Shantytown Pub

    Jacksonville, FL

  • May 24 Wed

    08:00 PM

    The Dubliner

    Wilmington, NC

  • May 25 Thu

    08:00 PM


    Staunton, VA

  • May 26 Fri

    08:00 PM

    Schoolkids Records

    Raleigh, NC

  • May 27 Sat

    08:00 PM

    The Keg & Cue

    Charlotte, NC

  • May 29 Mon

    08:00 PM

    The Town Pump Tavern

    Black Mountain, NC

  • Jun 03 Sat

    08:00 PM

    The Warehouse @ Nantahala Brewing

    Bryson City, NC

  • Jun 09 Fri

    08:00 PM

    Variety Records

    Columbia, TN

  • Jun 10 Sat

    08:00 PM

    Downstairs Connector @ Lowe Mill

    Huntsville, AL

  • Jun 16 Fri

    08:00 PM

    The Warehouse

    Sheffield, AL

  • Jun 17 Sat

    03:00 PM

    Rock the River Festival

    Riverfront Park Sheffield, AL

  • Jun 24 Sat

    03:00 PM

    Summer Bash 5

    Singin' River Live next to Singing River Brewery 


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